Be your own business

Contract jobs made easy

Moonlite is the easiest way for two people to do business together.

It’s the least you need to get from proposal to payment

Moonlite is made for people who do more with less

You don’t have time to manage jobs when you're busy working them. That’s why Moonlite has only what you need to get the job done.

1. See where your jobs stand

When you log in to Moonlite your active jobs are displayed along with their status.

2. Focus on what needs doing

Each job consists of a series of milestones that are agreed to by you and your client.

3. Get down to business

When you submit a milestone for review your client can approve and pay or request changes.

Start jobs right

“In a few minutes I have a signed contract and a kick-off payment on the way.”

– Katie Bell, Writer

Focus on work

“Moonlite helps me spend my time and energy doing the job I was hired to do.”

– Peter Lord, Web Developer

Choose how you get paid

Direct deposit  Best for payments over $500 *

We charge $15 per direct deposit. By default our fee is added as an expense that is paid for by your client, in which case Moonlite is free for you to use.

* Save compared to payment services charging 3%.

Custom payment method  Completely free

Your payment instructions will be emailed to your client when they approve work. Contracts, time and expense tracking, and milestone approvals are still free.