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Send proposals, share work for review, and get paid upon approval.

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Made for savvy freelancers like Amy

“With business taken care of I can focus on delivering work.”

Amy Guan, Product Designer

Made for fast companies like Grapevine

“Moonlite saves a lot of time and hassle for any company working with contractors.”

Grant Deken, CEO of Grapevine

Made for flexible agencies like Rocket Insights

“Quickly bringing on contractors helps us keep up with demand.”

Joshua Porter, Co-founder of Rocket Insights

Moonlite's Promise

Moonlite is designed to stay out of your way. No charts to distract you from the work to be done. No alerts that take you away from the task at hand. No more emails than is absolutely necessary. No dashboard.

All that matters is the next step. Moonlite's promise is that it will always be the least you need to get from proposal to payment, one step at a time.

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