Who is Moonlite for?

Moonlite is for contractors (also referred to as consultants), companies, and agencies that work together on short-term projects.

What does Moonlite do?

Moonlite handles the business of project work (like contracts, approvals, and payments) so those involved can focus on the work they're paid to do.

What does Moonlite cost?

If the contractor and client choose to handle payments via Moonlite's direct desposit feature then a $15 fee is applied to each payment made. The contractor can choose to pay for the fee themselves or pass it on to their client as an expense. Contractors can also choose to specify their own payment terms, in which case Moonlite is free to use.

Can I choose not to handle payments via Moonlite?

Yes, just select "Other" on Step 3 when creating a new project and specify how you'd like to get paid. We'll email those payment instructions to the client upon approval of each item of work.

Who can make changes to an existing project?

Only the contractor can propose changes to a previously approved project. Any changes proposed must be approved by the client before they go into effect.

Other questions?

You can reach out anytime to hello@moonliteapp.com with questions, comments, or suggestions for improving Moonlite.